AIP General Terms & Conditions 2019

we will refund the paid fees after the deduction of an administrative charge of 150 €, once we receive a copy of the refusal letter from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate and we have checked everything is right with them.


  • AIP Language Institute does not assume responsibility for loss, delay or accident of any kind whatsoever that may occur due to fault or negligence of any company or persons carrying out ancillary arrangements.
  • AIP Language Institute reserves the right to cancel any arrangements or bookings without prior notice if payment conditions are not met.
  • If less than the minimum of 3 students in the class, a number of lessons will be reduced by half because we will consider them as private lessons.
  • AIP Language Institute reserves the right to change any arrangements set forth in announcements of the program, offering substitutes of equal value, or to cancel the program entirely with a full refund. Rates and schedules are subject to change.
  • AIP Language Institute does not refund money due to Public Holidays. When two holidays fall within one week, classes of one day will be made up.
  • AIP Language Institute reserves the right to dismiss any student for misconduct or at any time the student engages in conduct dangerous to the student or others or engages in criminal behavior. Whether or not the student’s behavior justifies dismissal from the programs shall be within the sole discretion of AIP Language Institute and will not accept responsibility for damage to or loss of property, personal illness or injury, or death while a student is on the course.
  • In the event that an emergency develops which requires surgery, hospitalisation, or other medical care Advisers for International Programs in Spain, S.L to take any action which it deems appropriate under the circumstances, including but not limited to: arranging for medical or psychiatric treatment, the administration of prescription drugs, and transportation back to his/her country. AIP Language Institute will not cover costs that may arise as a result of the need for repatriation of the student.
  • AIP Language Institute reserves the right to decide if a participant is not ready to start the internship period in the collaborating company due to the lack of Spanish skills. In this case, the participant will have to extend the duration of the Spanish course.
  • Any client who wants it, always that his/her complaints have not been attended, can be in contact with the Defender of the Student, who will analyze his/her complaints to give them a solution. A commission of the three schools belonging to the Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish will form this Defender of the Student.


  • The School is not liable if there are promises made by agents to students that do not reflect the policies and services of the school as described in the Agent Manual and Brochure. It is the responsibility of the Agent promoting AIP Language Institute to give a true and accurate description of our programmes.


  • If three (3) students enroll together, they will be applied a discount of 10%. If five (5) students enroll together, they will be applied a discount of 15%.


  • All efforts have been made to give accurate information in this document. Should mistakes or discrepancies occur please bring them to our attention.